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A key component within the Supply Chain, is of course Logistics.

Transport operations are what link manufacturers to suppliers, and suppliers, to consumers. Dependent upon a strategic planning process, transport within supply chains relies heavily upon businesses taking a holistic perspective at the heart of planning their supply chain processes.

Transport Optimisation is a critical aspect of supply chain management, and it involves optimising the transportation of goods and materials to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction.

At SCCG, we offer Transport Optimisation solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Our team of experienced professionals uses advanced tools and techniques to analyse your transportation operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop strategies that will help you achieve your transportation goals.

Our goal is to help you reduce transportation costs while maintaining high levels of service quality and on-time delivery.

The SCCG consultants can help you to design and optimise your transport operations.

Some situations that might drive this requirement are:

  • A recent acquisition of a company with a complementary distribution requirement/customer base
  • Perhaps you want to access a new sales channel or market overseas and want to know how you can serve new customers efficiently
  • It could be that your sales volume has declined, and you want to reorganise your distribution infrastructure to reduce fixed costs
  • Your competitors may have a shorter order lead-time and this may be giving them a competitive advantage over you
  • Your cost to serve may be too high due to a drift in your sales order profile

Our Approach to Transport Optimisation

Recommendations can vary widely from the implementation of route scheduling software to opening/closing cross dock locations or alternative routes to market for your goods. Our logistics consultants will always provide tailored recommendations for your business that optimise transport operations without compromising the needs of your customers. We understand the balance between customer needs and optimisation!

  • Firstly, we work with you to understand your customer service requirements such as order lead times, order frequency and delivery restrictions.
  • We gather an understanding of how you serve your existing customers by region and sales channel.
  • Situational analysis is carried out; operational processes and volume flows are mapped and the cost to serve customers is analysed by channel and region.
  • Based on the situational analysis we make recommendations for cost savings and suggest how to bridge gaps in customer service expectations.
  • Based on the situational analysis we make recommendations for cost savings and suggest how to bridge gaps in customer service expectations.
  • Recommendations include details of the potential return on investment and the ease of implementation.
  • We will also help you through the planning and execution of the implementation of our recommendations

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Building transport, inventory and location strategies around your customer service goals. Developing a logistics infrastructure that meets your business goals.

Our knowledgeable Supply Chain Consultants have built Cost-to-Serve models to allow companies to unlock hidden profit potential by understanding the costs involved in serving specific customers and products. Understanding each clients’ individual priorities and the specific complexities of each business; The SCCG team carefully utilise specific models, in order to custom-build solutions for each client.

Synonymous with Supply Chain is Inventory Optimisation, for which our Supply Chain Consultants use ‘Inventory Modelling’ to establish the correct level of stock for any given situation – balancing the need to maintain a high-level of customer service with the desire to minimise working capital.

As part of the Global Supply Chain – Import, Export and Logistics – is the part of the supply chain processes that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customs and customer requirements.

Inventory modelling can be used to define the correct stocking policy for a large range of SKUs – for example, which SKUs should be stocked in local branches, and which should be held in one national centre.

Clients Case Studies

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Weidmann Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Review Warehouse Operations For Weidman Weidmann Electrical Technologies (Weidmann) are a division of the WICOR Group based in Switzerland. In the UK, Weidmann have two divisions, electrical components and a papermill for the production of……
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Warehouse Review and WMS Selection

Warehouse Review and WMS selection for a Creative Agency

Company and Project Background A creative branded merchandise agency that helps global brands build culture, awareness and meaningful connections with their customers, employees and communities across 150 countries worldwide, approached SCCG to review their current warehouse operations and systems. Objectives……
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Davis and shirtliff

Warehouse Design Project for Davis and Shirtliff

Davis & Shirtliff (D&S) is the largest water-related equipment supplier and industry leader in the East African region. Based in Kenya, D&S operates through a network of 70 different branches within the country, whilst exporting to different regional affiliates in……
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Wacoal (Formerly Eveden Group) Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Implement Standard Global S&OP Platform Wacoal (formerly known as Eveden Group) is a leading manufacturer of intimate apparel, offering various brands including Huit, Fantasie and Freya. Wacoal designs and manufactures high quality, fashion conscious lingerie……
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Volvo Group Case Study

Volvo Group Choose The Supply Chain Consulting Group Volvo Construction Equipment (a division of Volvo Group UK Ltd) has a warehouse operation in Duxford that supplies parts and equipment directly to end customers nationwide and to regional Customer Support Centres.……
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Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph Motorcycles Case Study

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