Transport Optimisation

Transport Optimisation

A key component within the Supply Chain, is of course Logistics. Transport operations are what link manufacturers to suppliers, and suppliers, to consumers. Dependent upon a strategic planning process, transport within supply chains relies heavily upon businesses taking a holistic perspective at the heart of planning their supply chain processes.

The SCCG consultants can help you to design and optimise your transport operations. Some situations that might drive this requirement are:

  • A recent acquisition of a company with a complementary distribution requirement/customer base
  • Perhaps you want to access a new sales channel or market overseas and want to know how you can serve new customers efficiently
  • It could be that your sales volume has declined, and you want to reorganise your distribution infrastructure to reduce fixed costs
  • Your competitors may have a shorter order lead-time and this may be giving them a competitive advantage over you
  • Your cost to serve may be too high due to a drift in your sales order profile
Our Approach to Transport Optimisation:
  • Firstly, we work with you to understand your customer service requirements such as order lead times, order frequency and delivery restrictions
  • We gather an understanding of how you serve your existing customers by region and sales channel
  • Situational analysis is carried out; operational processes and volume flows are mapped and the cost to serve customers is analysed by channel and region
  • Based on the situational analysis we make recommendations for cost savings and suggest how to bridge gaps in customer service expectations
  • Recommendations include details of the potential return on investment and the ease of implementation
  • We will also help you through the planning and execution of the implementation of our recommendations

Recommendations can vary widely from the implementation of route scheduling software to opening/closing cross dock locations or alternative routes to market for your goods. Our logistics consultants will always provide tailored recommendations for your business that optimise transport operations without compromising the needs of your customers. We understand the balance between customer needs and optimisation!

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