Planning and Project Management

Implementation Project Management

Robust Project and programme management requires significant skills in planning, organising and managing resources against specific objectives, timelines and cost budgets. The Supply Chain Consulting Group provides experienced project managers, with the required organisational and communication skills that they continually practice through the implementation of our supply chain and logistics solutions and recommendations, whether it be for Logistics Network implementation, moving a regular manual operating warehouse or complex highly automated facility design, equipment and system procurement, installing, testing and commissioning complex fully automated picking facilities.

Supply Chain Project Management Skills

Often our clients need to bring these project management skills in-house, either to support a new implementation or to revive a failing project. In these situations the skills of our Supply Chain Consultants can prove invaluable for setting up Project Governance as follows:

  • Help you to determine and clarify the project objectives
  • Help you to establish the correct level of project sponsorship
  • Work with you to develop and manage a realistic timing schedule
  • Identify, allocate & manage cross-functional resources
  • Coordinate and manage tasks, risks and issues
  • Formally communicate project progress to all stakeholders
  • Organise & lead regular project team meetings and wider awareness sessions

Warehouse Implementation Project Management

The key tasks for the consultants at The Supply Chain Consulting Group for a typical warehouse and distribution centre implementation project management is as follows:

warehouse consultants

  • Put in place and manage Programme Governance 
  • Finalised design layout, equipment, functional (FDS) and operations process support
  • Support procurement process as required 
  • Manage automation and any other suppliers
  • Generate plans for installation coordinating planned activities with all key stakeholders internal and external
  • Agree test strategy and arrange resources required
  • Lead the commissioning through the Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) processes
  • Deliver the IT changes required to integrate the new equipment, including system testing

Supply Chain Systems Implementation Project Management

Without a total and secure supply chain solution, system implementation can fail at the first attempt and become a long and protracted, costly project. Working with your team, our consultants will cover all elements of your ERP, Warehouse and supply chain installation; this could also include the writing of procedures and delivering the necessary training for successful implementation and provide ongoing support at all levels throughout your internal and external supply chains. 

Typically, this would include the following:

Installation management consultancy of all Warehouse Modules including:
  • Lot Traceability, Schedule Order Picking, Location Management and Perpetual Inventory
  • Management of Inventory Accuracy to 97%+
  • Improvements in both data and inventory accuracy can also lead to further reductions in Inventory levels and labour costs.
  • Better control of inventories
  • Improved scheduling
  • Productive relationships with suppliers
  • Inventories & Orders (Inventory Control)
  • Purchasing Management
  • Working with your supply chain network and service providers to ensure continuity for all Inventory and establishing secure supply to your business

Our Supply Chain Consultants have experience of numerous Project implementations involving ERP and WMS system integration and the need to develop requirement specifications  working with both the client and the system provider to ensure success.

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