International Supply Chains

International Supply Chain

An increasingly higher proportion of companies are now both sourcing and distributing internationally, due to the favourable and ever-developing global nature of the economy; and in particular, the meteoric rise of e-commerce.
Perhaps more than any other area, international trade regulation and best practice are highly complex, potentially risky, and subject to frequent and significant changes.

Due to the level of complexity, opportunities are often missed, and so this is an area in which a small initial project can lead to significant savings. This presents challenges in managing effectively and in ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

Furthermore, the supply chain for a single product may have multiple stages across a number of different countries and trading blocs. For these reasons the advice of a Specialist International Supply Chain and Logistics Consultants, able to keep abreast of ever-changing developments, can be a valuable resource.

International Freight Benchmarking

The Supply Chain Consulting Group can help to determine if you are paying the right price for your international freight movements. We can also help you to look at the range of possible solutions and providers on offer, identify those that are most appropriate to your requirement, and run an effective procurement process, and manage the ongoing provider relationship to avoid common issues.

Customs and Duty Optimisation and HMRC Compliance

Clients can often assume that simply choosing and assigning an agent to manage their customs matters, that this covers all bases. However, The Supply Chain Consulting Group team understand that matters can often be more complex, and therefore help their clients, by assessing the full spectrum – end to end – supply chain to find opportunities for duty reduction. On occasion, it has proved possible to secure recovery of previously overpaid customs duty.

Working with one of our specialist consultants we are able to provide specialist advice on imports, exports, customs / bonded warehousing, International distribution service and logistics solutions.

Customs, Import, Export and Logistics is the part of the supply chain processes that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customs and customers’ requirements.

As the logistics community moves towards the complete integration of the supply cycle, the need for understanding the whole process grows. Understanding how the freight flows, where it is at any time, knowing possible choke points and possible problem spots benefits not only the shipper but also the logistics providers, to maximize the use of resources.

Due to advancing globalisation, declining trade barriers and an increasingly mobile workforce, the transport and logistics industry continues to enjoy above average growth. By expanding Service offerings both upstream and downstream, transport companies and logistics service providers are also becoming masters of their supply chain, both forward and backward. International growth through acquisitions, joint ventures and alliances are also reshaping the industry.

Corporate Strategies and Processes

Under these conditions, new corporate strategies and processes are required and we can assist in all of the following areas:

  • Implementation of Customs & Bonded (Excise) Warehouse facilities in accordance with HMRC procedures 
  • Advice on complicated Customs & Excise, export and import related issues
  • Implement and advice on Customs Facilitation Procedures including deferred duty payments
  • Customs freight simplified procedures, local import controls and general valuation statements
  • Customs Duty Planning including minimising exposure to custom duties
  • Maximising use of custom facilities, Minimising cost of compliance, improving profitability and cash-flow 
  • Ensure companies are compliant with all current HMRC legislation
  • Liaise and negotiate between HMRC and company board members
  • Formulate, implement and train company employees on relevant procedures
  • Supply Chain security and Authorised Economic Operator status (AEO)

At The Supply Chain Consulting Group, our International Supply Chain Consultants have successfully completed projects to help companies to make appropriate and compliant international supply chain arrangements, getting the right results at the right cost.

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