Head of Operations – BUILT/ – Travis Perkins

BUILT/ awarded the project to the Specialist Warehouse and Logistics Consultants at The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), due to their meticulous approach and wealth of knowledge and experience of warehouse optimisation.

“We were very pleased with the work completed by the SCCG team, the consultants’ professional yet friendly approach was excellent, and BUILT/ are confident that SCCG have provided us with a thorough analysis of our current and anticipated future facility needs.” Ryan Taylor, Head of Operations

“Seeing the actual site and ‘Fit Out’ of BUILT/, it is an impressively designed facility and it is obvious that they have now defined the future of the service supply to the Building Industry.” Phillip Beckham  – Senior Consultant & Gideon Hillman – Director – SCCG.

Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists

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Supply chain and Logistics Specialists highly experienced in all aspects of Supply Chain and Logistics Operations,
Distribution Network Strategy, Warehousing Operations, e-commerce Logistics and Warehouse and Distribution Centre Design.