The Future of Refrigerated Transport

SCCG Headline Sponsors

                          Gideon Hillman – SCCG Director                                                Lyall Cresswell, (Transport Exchange Group)

Last week, The Cold Chain Federation (CCF) hosted the ‘Future of Refrigerated Transport’ conference, in association with the Headline Sponsors – The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG).  

Prior to the opening of the main event, CCF ran innovations workshops, webcasts and conference sessions. 

As Headline Sponsors, SCCG’s director – Gideon Hillman – chaired the Technology Forum in which various new cold chain innovations were discussed, along with three industry speakers: Lyall Cresswell, (Transport Exchange Group), Alan Hunt (MD UK & Ireland) and Joe Grealy (Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions EMEA). 

Delegates received industry updates, concerning strategies, trends and context within the cold chain environment, from the event’s knowledgeable speakers, amongst which was Professor Michael Bourlakis from Cranfield University, who delivered an interesting presentation, highlighting the impact of current demographic trends, on logistics.  

A great event overall, hosted and organised by the Cold Chain Federation, paying particular attention to all features of Refrigerated Logistics, Cold Supply Chain Distribution and Temperature-Controlled Transport; The Future of Refrigerated Transport Conference 2019, was a well prepared and moreover, well attended conference.

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