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Last year has been full of unexpected events and new challenges that nobody had foreseen to say the least.  But, as challenging as it was, SCCG has achieved excellent results, completing a broad range of projects with clients old and new.

As a result of this continued business growth, we have continued to develop our employed consulting team with the addition of two new staff members.

At the beginning of this year, we welcomed Charlotte Hicks to the team in the role of Managing Consultant.  Charlotte has an engineering background is a highly experienced and capable logistics consultant, having completed dozens of projects across multiple industry sectors.

In May, SCCG welcomed John Langley as Senior Consultant.  John is an experienced and versatile supply chain and logistics consultant, with over 20 years’ experience of solution design and transport operations, supplemented by a background in computing and mathematics.

SCCG is committed to continued development of a strong consulting team – this is crucial to ensuring that projects are delivered at the consistent high-quality level demanded by our clients.

We now have numerous projects within the UK and across other continents. The projects include logistics network design, distribution strategy review, WMS specification and implementation support, warehouse improvement and new warehouse design across a range of sectors.

Whatever the external environment may throw at us, our logistics and supply chain consultants will continue to work hard, delivering above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

You can read what our clients say about us here: or you find some case studies here: 

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