SCCG is expanding its team. A New Supply Chain Consultant.

Get to know more about our new consultant

Lisa is a Senior Consultant with over 20 years of experience in Supply Chain and Logistics expertise. She is a skilled data analyst and supply chain professional with a diverse background in third-party, supplier and retail logistics. She specialises in creating statistical dashboards and models to identify and drive efficiency improvements and informative decision-making.


Lisa began her career in third-party logistics, holding roles in business development, perpetual inventory, transport planning and solution design/data analysis. She later transitioned to the food service and retail sectors, managing third-party logistics providers and driving changes and improvements to operations.

Throughout her career, she has implemented and driven changes to improve processes, performance, service levels, systems, and infrastructure, leading to cost savings and efficiency gains.

Areas of Expertise
Data Analysis and Supply Chain Management; Transport Planning, Solution Design and Data Analysis; Logistics Network Expertise; Inventory Analysis and Modelling; Food Service and Retail Sector
BSc (Hons) Logistics – Aston University, MSc International Business – Aston University
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