‘Playing’ it Forward

Continuing in the spirit of the New Year, and paying it forward, The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) is pleased to announce their sponsorship of the “Fakenham Town U8 Ghosts” football team.

One of SCCG’s Senior Consultants – Phillip Beckham, is a highly regarded logistics specialist having been part of the team for over 11 years. Phillip’s Industry knowledge and expertise is second to none, and it is his passion for the industry and his personable nature which makes him such a fantastic member of the SCCG team.

When the Directors asked Phillip what he would like in recognition of his long service with the business, he chose sponsorship of the Fakenham Town U8 Ghosts, in support of his grandson (pictured above). 

A local and lively team, based in rural Norfolk, SCCG are proud sponsors of the team’s football kit training tops. Trying their new kit out for the first time, feedback was positive all round: 

The Fakenham Town U8 Ghosts football team are delighted with their new training kit, kindly sponsored by The specialist team, at The Supply Chain Consulting Group, and eagerly anticipate further enjoyment and development over the remaining season’s matches, the progress of which we will keep SCCG duly updated.
Adam Wood, Manager – Fakenham Town U8 Ghosts football team.

SSCG will post updates on the team’s progress, each quarter, so follow our news page, and social media, for exciting team updates

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