FSDF Annual Lunch & AGM

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Directors, Gideon Hillman, Gavin Parnell and Craig Ryder, Senior Consultant Phillip Beckham, and guests enjoyed attending the FSDF Annual Lunch and AGM last week.

SCCG invited valued FMCG industry contacts, Christophe Evo, Head of Logistics at Quorn Foods; Adrian Dale, Managing Director at Polymer Logistics Ltd; Jonathan Stokoe, Executive Head of Supply Chain at Dr. Oetker; and Tony Wilson, Technical Director at 1Cold (pictured above). 

Lord’s Cricket Ground was a unique venue, and guests were treated to an exclusive tour, before hearing from the new FSDF CEO, Shane Brennan. It was a great opportunity to welcome Shane and learn about his exciting plans for the year ahead. Under Shane’s innovative leadership, SCCG has high expectations for the future of FSDF as they continue to promote excellence in food logistics.  

Additionally, former England Cricket Captain and President of the Professional Cricketers’ Association, Graham Gooch, was an entertaining and engaging guest speaker.  

As an Associate Member, SCCG were pleased to sponsor this successful event and look forward to being headline sponsors of the FSDF Cold Distribution Show, on September 12th.  

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