Cold Chain Live! ‘Towards a Net Zero Cold Chain’

Starting at the end of September, Cold Chain Live! will provide four themed webinars over four weeks – with additional content available for download and watch on demand each week!

All four Mondays will provide thought leadership papers and blogs from the presenters, which will be shared by email and on social media. 

On each Wednesday the event will present a pre-recorded interview with an industry leader, so the audience can watch at their leisure.

During each Friday the attendees can log-in and take part in the workshop sessions, innovation zone and open discussions that will reflect the theme of the week. 

The event is free for Cold Chain Federation members, as well as for any invited guests.

During ‘Adapting to Change’ week, one of the SCCG directors, Gavin Parnell, will present the practical and implementable ways that businesses can drive capabilities in their operations and meet the sustainability goals.

To register, attend the webinars and receive all the associated documents for ‘Cold Chain Live!’, please click:

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