Monkfield Nutrition Case Study – Warehouse Design

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Complete Warehouse Design Project For Monkfield Nutrition

For over 25 years, Monkfield Nutrition has been a market leader in the breeding of live reptile food. During this time, they have set up an extensive reptile captive breeding programme, the largest European rodent farm, and introduced a full range of reptile equipment including innovative own brand products; supplying single site independent, and multi-site national retailers, throughout the UK.

The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) worked with Monkfield previously, to model potential distribution scenarios and recommend the most cost-effective distribution network. Monkfield acquired a new operational site due to continued business success and a recent business acquisition. SCCG was approached again by Monkfield, due to their knowledge and expertise, to ensure this new facility was optimised for future requirements.  

To correctly design Monkfield’s new facility, The SCCG team had to optimise the layouts, workflows and operational procedures within Monkfield’s existing premises. The Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists at SCCG conducted an initial independent review of Monkfield’s existing site, focussing on their operational processes, including goods receipt, goods storage, pick/pack, goods despatch and returns, and value-added flows.  

SCCG gained an understanding of Monkfield’s operation and the future growth plans by reviewing specific requirements, including but not limited to: Product flows, seasonal fluctuations, inventory management, and growth projections against Monkfield’s agreed planning horizon. 

Following their review, SCCG provided Monkfield with CAD drawings of the proposed design layouts for all internal warehouse and operational areas for their new facility, showing consideration for all storage media where relevant and appropriate to the new facility, including shelving and racking amenities. 

Additionally, SCCG obtained budget costings for all new storage media, including costings for supply and installation into the new facility. 

SCCG enabled Monkfield to optimise the layouts, workflows and operational procedures for their existing and new facility; by providing recommendations for storage requirements and equipment costs; showing simultaneous consideration of growth projections for Monkfield’s agreed planning horizon. 

With the help of SCCG, Monkfield successfully planned a complete business transfer process from their current location to their new fully optimised operational facility; whilst simultaneously developing their strategy for warehouse processes for future growth. 

“We are now in the process of implementing the recommended strategy as we are in a position to make informed decisions on our own vehicle procurement plans, as well as route allocation between our own fleet and our sub-contractors to ensure we can continue to provide the best service levels possible.” Jo Wise – Managing Director 

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