Orange Pharma – Customer Case Study

GH Consulting design new warehouse distribution facility


warehouse distribution facility, warehouse management system, warehouse design

Orange Pharma – wholesalers and suppliers of pharmaceutical products realised they required to review their then current service providers of their storage equipment and WMS.

Orange Pharma required specialists to design their new warehouse and distribution facility. The Specialist Logistics and Warehouse Consultants, at Gideon Hillman Consulting were chosen to implement this project, due to their wealth of knowledge and experience of warehouse design.


The key project objective was to manage Orange Pharma’s selected service providers of storage equipment and warehouse management systems, from final design and technical requirement, through to their ‘Go Live’ date.


Under the scope of this project, the Specialist Warehouse Consultants were required to complete tasks, in order to manage the storage equipment service providers and warehouse management systems providers.


In order to successfully complete these tasks, the Specialist Logistics and Warehouse Consultants were required to: produce an implementation plan with key tasks and timescales, arrange on-site meetings for Kardex (carousels), Orderwise (WMS), Storage Concepts and The Storage Equipment Centre (pallet racking and shelving); whilst simultaneously agreeing implementation dates and timescales, with the chosen providers.


To properly develop optimised layouts, workflows and operational procedures, the specialist consultants required to review a number of processes, including but not limited to: Product storage procedures – number on pallets, outer packaging, cartons, sku and items, WMS operational and reporting requirements, including use of barcoding throughput the warehouse, Review floor and mezzanine loading in the new facility to support the design work; and the Product flows and volumes by sku, or product group, depending on hierarchical structure.


Once the review was completed the consultants were able to implement different layout plans to identify equipment requirements, optimise resources, optimise pick rates and provide a cost for the equipment and installation. Gideon Hillman’s team of consultants, planned Orange Pharma’s new facility layout, workflows and design, using their in-house CAD facilities alongside provision of full detail and rationale.


The Specialist Consultants were also required to: Project Manage the approval of final equipment requirements for carousel storage shelving and bin locations (Kardexremstar), de-lapse of existing pallet racking and re-installation as per design to meet SEMA and PUWER regulations (Storage Concepts and The Storage Equipment Centre), the supply and installation of new shelving units, as per chosen design layout, and finally, to manage the set out transfer strategy from existing site to the new facility.


With the guidance and support of the Specialist Consultants at Gideon Hillman Consulting, Orange Pharma were able to successfully review and establish the transfer strategy for the re-installation of their existing storage equipment from existing site to the new facility, whilst also managing the installation of their new WMS and storage equipment into their new facility, complementing the design of Orange Pharma’s new warehouse.

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