Cygnet Foods Limited – Customer Case Study

Cygnet Catering improve their Supply Chain and Customer Service 

Cygnet Catering improve their Supply Chain and Customer Service

Established in 1996, Cygnet Foods Limited now employs over 1,000 people. Turnover is in excess of £25M and they supply food products and catering services to over 30,000 people per day.


Cygnet Catering, a division of Cygnet Foods, is dedicated to the provision of high quality food and catering services to state primary and secondary schools, special schools, private sector schools and further education establishments, through “fresh cook on site” or “delivered in” services.


With the additional support of their ISO 9000 (2001) accredited Central Production Unit, they are able to design, produce and distribute a vast range of individual and multi portion food items which are delivered daily by their own fleet of vehicles throughout England and Wales.


“Working with Gideon Hillman Consulting has been very straightforward with an effective and practical approach that sets us on the road to achieving our key objective of ISO 14001 accreditation as soon as possible”. Chairman, Cygnet Foods.


Gideon Hillman Consulting are supporting Cygnet Catering in developing their Environmental and waste reduction initiatives and processes towards achieving ISO 14001 accreditation, to enable Cygnet Catering to further improve their supply chain and service to their customers.

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