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The Resource Optimiser Tool is an activity based planning tool that enables the forward forecasting of labour requirements for all functions within Warehouse and Distribution Centre (DC) operations.

Based on a forecast of volume and specific operational rules the user can define labour requirements in advance at a headline level, which creates an output in the form of a staffing resource requirements plan.

The main objective is that the Warehouse Management team plan all aspects of resource ahead of time, then the plan becomes dynamic and reacts to actual events and re-forecasts operational status to the end of the shift / day and week based on actual events.

By producing a long term labour forecast the recruitment process can be managed efficiently and eliminates the need for immediate knee-jerk reaction in order to flex capability.

The Warehouse Management Team can manage structured and efficient recruitment cycles and ensure the best candidates are sourced and that the resource levels are managed and updated in line with actual requirements.

For more details click the link here and/or visit Gideon Hillman Consulting at IMHX on Stand UK8 on the UKWA Pavilion in Hall 9 of the NEC next week

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