The Life Of A Shipping Container

The scale of international trade and the vital role of the shipping container in enabling this is illustrated in the infographic below.

The invention of the shipping container reduced handling costs dramatically, and nowadays 825 million tonnes of goods are shipped in containers each year.  They provide a standard logistics unit for movements across all modes and all over the world.  Some people even live in them!

What is a Shipping Container?

A standardised steel box specifically used to ship cargo internationally and locally and designed to fit on ships, trucks, rail and air planes to easily go anywhere in the world. Because it must be bumped, banged, dropped, and stacked on by 5 or 8 other heavy shipping containers during transport, the ISO shipping container is the strongest mobile storage or housing structure in the world. Build with heavy gauge Corten steel frame and shell makes shipping containers easy to repair.

Travelling via land, sea or air, shipping containers have the ability to ship almost anything anywhere in the world.


Shipping containers have been used professionally for:

  • Construction
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Retail
  • Moving
  • Strong Military Housing
  • Instant Set-Up Medical Facilities
  • Offices
  • Power Plants

Since 2006, Shipping Containers used in residential uses for housing became very popular and trendy for use as:

  • Homes
  • Storage
  • Bridges
  • Prefab
The Strongest Box In the World

The global transportation industry responded rapidly to this new invention of the Shipping Container and the rest of the world also began to find more uses for this “super box”, not just for shipping. The new shipping container was so well designed that it can hold tons of cargo inside, and also easily withstand the weight of 8 or 10 more fully loaded containers on top of it, ISO shipping containers are the strongest modular structure in the world.



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Life of a shipping container

Many thanks to the people at Southwest Mobile Storage for this piece – via irms360

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