12 Of The World’s Most Incredible Warehouses & Factories

This blog post is all about some of the most incredible warehouses, storage facilities and factories from around the World. Check out these awesome photographs ranging from a wine cellar all the way through to an enormous warehouse where they build aircraft.

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1. DB Schenker’s Warehouse in Germany

Huge DB Schenker Warehouse
Image Source

Above: A photograph by Christian Stoll one of DB Schenker’s warehouses in Germany. DB Schenker is one of the largest logistics companies in the world and Christian Stoll is known for his stunningly perfect photos of modern structures.

2. Volkswagen’s Car Towers, Wolfsburg, Germany

Volkswagen Car Towers
Image Source

Above: The two gleaming glass towers of Volkswagen’s Autostadt, or car town, house technology which automatically moves cars from VW’s Wolfsburg plant to the towers, and on to the customer centre where they are collected by their owners.

3. National Archives inWinsford, Cheshire

Cheshire Salt Mine National Archives
Image Source

Above: The salt mine in Winsford, Cheshire is the size of 700 football pitches, stretches to 100 miles and is still growing. Confidential government files, hospital records, historic archives belonging to The National Archives are stored in the mine, where the dry and stable atmosphere provides ideal conditions.

4. Bank of England’s Vault Beneath London

Bank of England Vault
Image Source

Above: The Bank of England’s vault under central London contains 4,600 tons of gold, worth an incredible £156 billion. The piles of 28lb 24-carat gold bars are stacked on simple blue shelves beneath strip lighting.

5. Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse
Image Source

Above: We are not sure where this huge and incredible warehouse is based but it belongs to Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, which started off as an online bookstore back in 1994.

6. Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany

Meyer Werft
Image Source

Above: Founded in 1795 in Papenburg, Germany, this shipping and cargo port warehouses some of the largest cruise ships in the world. It boasts 678,000 sq. ft. of space, and it is estimated that over 700 total ships have been built at this facility.

7. Google Data Centre, Georgia

Google Data Centre
Image Source

Above: A central cooling plant in Google’s Douglas County, Georgia, data centre which originally opened in 2003. They paint the pipes bright colours not only because it’s fun, but also to designate which one is which.

8. Champagne Warehouse, France

Champagne Warehouse
Image Source

Above: The world’s finest champagnes are stored in underground warehouses such as the one shown here in Reims, France while they mature for anything up to 20 years.

9. M&S Warehouse, Castle Donington

Castle Donington
Image Source

Above: Marks and Spencer’s mega e-commerce HQ which opened in 2003 in Castle Donington, Leicestershire. The 900,000 sq ft distribution centre handles all of M&S’s online orders and deliveries processing up to a million items a day.

10. Jean-Luc Lagardère Plant, Toulouse

Jean-Luc Lagard Plant
Image Source

Above: The Jean-Luc Lagardere Plant in Toulouse plays a very important role in the construction of the Airbus A380 aircraft, which is the largest airliner in the World. It takes about 1.32 million square feet to adequately build these huge planes.

11. Constellation Europe, UK

Constellation Europe
Image Source

Above: Based in Avonmouth, near Bristol, Constellation Europe is the largest wine warehouse in Europe. It stores 57million bottles at any given time, enough to stretch 9,000 miles if laid out end to end. That’s the same distance as a flight from the UK to Australia.

12. The Abandoned Soviet Space Centre

Soviet Space Centre
Image Source

Above: Here is an awesome picture taken by photographer Ralph Mirebs of inside the abandoned Soviet Space Centre based near the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The hangar houses 2 prototype shuttles that were part of the ill-fated Buran shuttle programme.

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