FC Fakenham Town – U11 Ghosts Updates!

SCCG is delighted to present The Fakenham Town U11 Ghosts Football Club latest updates!

The team is excited for the start of the new season in a couple of weeks. We have trained hard through the summer and through our usual break in July due to all the time lost with the pandemic.
It has been great having summer tournaments back where we have played some great football and enjoyed the occasional ice cream. We have also adapted well to all the new rules that 9-a-side brings with it.

The team would like to thank SCCG for their continued support as we become the U11 Ghosts!

Proud of the Ghosts’ current performance, The Supply Chain Consulting Group continues their support towards the Fakenham Town U11 Ghosts throughout the 2021-2022 season.

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