SHD Awards 2018 Gallery

Nominated as finalists for the awards categories: Operations Large, Innovation, and New Facility, both the Go Supply Chain Consulting and Gideon Hillman Consulting teams attended the SHD Logistics awards dinner 2018, at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe, London, last Thursday.

Following their merge back in July 2018, both Go Supply Chain Consulting, and Gideon Hillman Consulting are part of The Supply Chain Consulting Group Ltd, one of the UK’s leading Supply Chain and Logistics Consultancies servicing its clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Although we didn’t win this year, Go Supply Chain Consulting, are proud to have been finalists for the Operations Large award, and Gideon Hillman Consulting for both the Innovation, and New Facility award.

The awards ceremony was a brilliant evening, enjoyed by nominees and winners alike.
Congratulations to all of the 2018 winners within all categories!

You can view the gallery of the team’s night here!

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