SCCG Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

This month, The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) celebrates its 1st year anniversary and reflects on a successful year since launching in July 2018. The Specialist Consultants combined have extensive experience in the industry, establishing SCCG as one of the UK’s leading Supply Chain & Logistics Consultancies in just one year. 

This year, SCCG has won various projects with major companies, including a leading discount retailer, a luxury fashion brand and a luxury car manufacturer – aiming to optimise warehouse operations, and develop cost-effective logistics networks.  

After continuing to be awarded with exciting projects from well-known brands, becoming an associate member of the Cold Chain Federation (FSDF) and further expanding the team, SCCG is excited to launch a new website to reflect how the business has evolved.  

“Having already experienced an increase in website traffic and online enquiries since launching in 2018; our brand-new website – due to be launched in July 2019 – will no doubt provide SCCG with a subsequent platform upon which to continue to grow awareness and recognition of our brand. SCCG is now preparing itself for another thoroughly enjoyable and busy year ahead.” 
Gideon Hillman – Director 

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