The Supply Chain Consulting Group is an industry leader, which can keep ahead of the curve through development and innovation, improving the standard of service to our clients whilst simultaneously improving our client’s ability to deliver to their customers. From total Supply Chain strategic design to a simple warehouse process improvement, we have it covered.

Client Sectors

The Supply Chain Consulting Group team work diligently to provide optimum and individually tailored solutions, to promote required and optimum business improvements. The Supply Chain Consulting Group’s client base spans a range of sectors including Retail, Grocery and non-Grocery FMCG, Foodservice and Drinks, E-commerce and Fulfilment, Fashion and Garments, Construction and Utilities, Building and Decorating, Automotive and Aerospace, Technology, Public Sector, Logistics Outsourcing and Third-Party Logistics operations.


Who we've worked with


The rise of e-commerce has been meteoric; so much so it is now considered the ‘norm’; however we understand that e-commerce Logistics is different. It is important that e-fulfilment operations are set up for smaller order and single item picks and higher product return levels. This is a big change from traditional B2B bulk pick operations.
The warehouse and distribution centre consultants at The Supply Chain Consulting Group have the experience and expertise to design efficient e-commerce fulfilment solutions from small changes to pick regimes to design and programme management for procurement, fit out, testing and commissioning of a new purpose built fully automated ‘fast pick’ 220,000 sq.ft. e-fulfilment distribution centre.

Retail and FMCG

The Supply Chain Consulting Group has undertaken a range of UK and European Logistics Infrastructure and Network Reviews, Strategic and Tactical Development and Optimisation projects for many major retailers and FMCG suppliers.There is a high level of activity in the retail sector comprising a mix of store closures and merger and acquisition activity. This means that the Logistics requirements of the retailers is constantly under review, not only to optimise costs, but to ensure that the frequently changing store and Distribution Centre Logistics and distribution requirements are met. Our experience is second to none when designing multi-temperature Logistics Networks solutions for multi-channel retailers and their suppliers.

Third Party Logistics

Our Logistics Outsourcing Consultants have previously worked for Logistics Service Providers. This puts us in an enviable position of many years’ experience and expertise in both developing tender scope and successfully managing the tender process through to supplier selection and subsequent implementation support. Over the last few years we have worked developed, issued and managed the tender process on behalf of several clients for tenders with a combined contract value of circa £2BN. In addition to expertise in outsourcing we have an in-depth knowledge of how 3Ls and outsourced logistics operations work and have been involved in a number 3PL mergers and acquisitions.

Manufacturing and B2B

For many manufacturers and distributors, B2B e-commerce is a priority for their business. The Logistics team successfully completed a project for a prestigious Food Manufacturer. Conducted an initial centre of gravity analysis, alongside proposing various scenario models for numbers and location of depots; enabled the SCCG team to provide Premier Foods with practical, and realistic solutions, of which the most cost effective option was the consolidation of their logistics operations into a single Depot; leading to a subsequent tender process which resulted in their 650,000 sq.ft. distribution site being operated by XPO logistics.


At the forefront of the digital age, the technology industry is one of the biggest sectors which The Supply Chain Consulting Group team have completed, and continue to conduct work for. Clients within the Technology sector which the team have successfully completed projects for include: NGK Sparkplugs, Wiedmann, and Siemens. All of which project work included supporting analysis and review of re-location of new facilities for a combination of manufacturing and distribution purposes; in addition to conducting a review of inventory levels; overall presenting a broad set of recommendations for process improvement for the clients in question.

Auto and Aero

Holding comprehensive expertise within both the Automotive and Aerospace sectors, The Supply Chain Consulting Group team have successfully completed many projects within this sector. A highly competitive industry, success for this sector lies within addressing not only lean practices, but also plans for longevity; as economies of scale ultimately underpin prospective growth and achievable profitability. A successful project completed for the Auto-Aero sector by the SCCG team includes Triumph Motorcycles. The team worked closely with the purchasing and logistics team at Triumph and managed the Global tender process in its entirety which included developing the tender scope and format of response for the initial pre-tender qualification and the final tender document, evaluation of all responses and selection of a short list from both processes, through to management of the final supplier presentations.