Wholesaler of Hairdressing and Beauty Supplies

The client is a wholesaler of hairdressing and beauty salon supplies, with a wide and varied range of products. This client was experiencing growth at a rapid rate, especially in e-commerce, meaning that they were hitting capacity constraints within their current warehouse.Go Supply Chain’s Warehouse Consultants began their research into finding the most appropriate storage and picking media, basing this upon the data regarding product dimensions and rate of movement, given by the client. From this information, Go Supply Chain were able to define the most efficient and appropriate storage solutions for the products e.g. totes.Both the client and Go Supply Chain decided that it would be best to maximise the potential within the existing building rather than cause disruption by looking for new facilities. Go Supply Chain’s Warehouse Consultants decided the best way to do this would be to improve the facility’s operations and storage management, by implementing building modifications and layout changes in order to create additional space for stock, increasing the productivity and therefore, reducing the warehouse costs.Go Supply Chain then designed a productive warehouse layout, providing expansion capacity and flexible floor space within the already existing building. This meant designing mezzanine flooring and maximising the height of the building in order to get the most out of the already existing facilities.By optimising the warehouse, it enabled the client to retain the flexible floor space for further expansions or ad-hoc activities such as furniture distribution and making up of college kits (for Hair & Beauty courses.).Improvements in the new design compared to the current warehouse included the use of an innovative double-deep storage system for the SKUs with the largest number of pallets in stock, and more space-efficient pick face and pack bench layouts.If you are interested in warehouse optimisation for your warehouse, please contact our team for more information.


  • Wholesaler of hairdressing and beauty salon supplies, with a wide and varied range of products. The company was experiencing rapid growth, particularly in web business, and was hitting capacity constraints in the warehouse.


  • Select appropriate storage and picking media based on product dimensions and rate of movement.
  • Design a productive warehouse layout while providing expansion capacity and flexible floorspace within the existing building.
  • Review warehouse processes and recommend improvements.
  • Review system specification (Microsoft Dynamics NAV) to align with improved processes.

Business Benefits

  • Provided additional growth capacity within the building by optimising warehouse location sizing and improving use of building height.
  • Retained flexible floor space for further expansion and ad-hoc activities such as furniture distribution and college kitting.
  • Maximised the potential life of the existing building, eliminating disruption that would result from a move.
  • Suggested process improvements to increase accuracy, productivity and visibility.

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