SCCG Supports Candle Shack

SCCG Supports Candle Shack

Candle Shack is a luxury candle manufacturer and supplier of candle making supplies and equipment. 

Established in 2010, the business remains family owned and is based at West Carron Works in central Scotland.  All candle manufacturing takes place here, where state of the art technology and artisan craftsmanship combine to produce candles for some of the worlds leading luxury brands.  

Their eCommerce fulfilment center has recently re-located to West Carron.  With space for over 1,000 pallets and a state of the art inventory management system for pick-pack-ship operations, they have become one of Europe’s leading suppliers of candle making components, supplying some of the UK’s leading candle manufacturers and small businesses.  With over £1m worth of stock on hand at any time, Candle Shack provides a robust supply chain for growing candle manufacturers, with an unrivalled range of products.

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