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Development of a logistics network strategy model for a leading branded paint manufacturer based in the UK.


Logistics consulting firm Go Supply Chain was engaged by the client, a leading UK based manufacturer of high quality paints, to develop a model to enable testing of logistics network strategy options.  Due to rapid growth in the UK and European markets, and expansion of its e-commerce offer, the client required the ability to test strategic options around, for example, stockholding locations, carrier selection and manufacturing postponement.


Working closely with the client’s team, Go Supply Chain’s logistics consultants developed an agreed data set, including customer location, customer channel (e.g. stockists, online, mail-order, trade etc.), order profile and product information.

Inventory cover and warehouse capacity planning assumptions were agreed, along with growth assumptions by channel / product group.

logistics network strategy

Our logistics consultants designed the logistics strategy model to report on projected costs for any given distribution network strategy scenario.

A flexible template was provided within the model for carriers rates, and the current rates schedules in use were entered.

Inventory level calculations and warehouse sizing calculations were built into the model and the various inputs populated.

Once the ‘base case’ model was signed off, our logistics consultants trained the client’s team and together they produced model documentation.  A number of distribution strategy scenarios were tested to prove the model’s efficacy.


Go Supply Chain Consulting Limited is one of the leading logistics consulting firms in the UK (and we also work internationally).  Our team of logistics consultants can help whether you are planning your distribution network strategy, looking at expanding existing warehouse capacity or designing a new warehouse, or if you require help to optimise your inventory, or reduce cost in your transport operations.

“Thank you… we have ended up with a robust and reliable model that will help us on our distribution journey.” – Head of Customer Services

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