CitySprint Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Develop WMS Specification For CitySprint

CitySprint is a nationwide courier providing flexible, fast deliveries tailored to your specific business needs. CitySprint acts as an extension of their customer’s businesses and understands their customers’ issues, strategies and priorities. From publishing to healthcare, manufacturing to technology, CitySprint supports businesses across a whole range of sectors, to provide opportunities for streamlining, improvement and growth. 

With 40+ service centres around the UK, whether it’s operations, fleet management, technical support, data analysis, CitySprint has people with the right knowledge in the right place. 

CitySprint required a Warehouse Management and Order Processing system to support future development plans, enabling their move into a full-service logistics operation. 

Understanding the complexity of this role, The CitySprint management team knew they required expert guidance and support. Due to their expertise and vast knowledge surrounding the Logistics Industry, and WMS, the CitySprint team chose to work with the Gideon Hillman Consulting team of Specialist logistics and Warehouse Consultants. 

CitySprint outlined its requirements to The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) for a Warehouse Management and Order Processing system to support CitySprint’s future development plans, enabling their move into full-service logistics operations. 

CitySprint required the chosen WMS to integrate with their existing 3PL business systems, mainly City Trak, including their accounting processes. They required an Order Management system that allowed customer orders to be received in a number of different formats and allowed processing and full integration with the WMS and associated operations. 

Under the scope of this project, the SCCG team provided CitySprint with the following: a full operational specification for a suitable WMS system to meet the needs of UK Service Centre Logistics operations for at least the three-year planning horizon to reflect planned changes in the procedures and volume throughputs; suggestions for potential WMS system providers and budget costs against the WMS specification with associated scanning hardware if appropriate; a set of appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to work in conjunction with the WMS specification; a report of and recommendations for any additional operational and process improvements identified during the warehouse operational review stage; of which all information was included in a final presentation of deliverables by the SCCG Consulting team, to the CitySprint management team. 

CitySprint were required to choose from the list of named potential WMS system providers, supplied by the SCCG team. With guidance and support from SCCG, the choice of supplier was narrowed down to the three most suitable for CitySprint’s requirements, allowing these suppliers to provide quotations to CitySprint regarding the services which they offer, in line with CitySprint’s requirement for provision of a WMS. 

By conducting this project, SCCG enabled the CitySprint management team to better understand the type variety of systems available to support their future development plans of moving into full-service logistics operations.

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