Kisserup International Trade Roots Case Study

The Supply Chain Consulting Group Develop Logistics Network Strategy For Kisserup

Kisserup is an international frontrunner in providing leading edge trade and export development, mentoring and trade training to companies across borders, across oceans, and across continents since 1998. Through trade development, Kisserup builds capacity and sustainable livelihoods.  

Kisserup’s Logistics Network distributes many assorted products including frozen fish, berries and wine and beverages from Canada to Europe; all of which require many different logistics requirements and therefore different logistics service providers. 

Kisserup required a review of suitable logistics strategy and providers, wishing to explore logistics providers with Pan European capabilities for providing temperature controlled logistics services and engaged the Specialist Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants at The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG), due to their knowledge and expertise in logistics provision and supply chains. 

SCCG were required to provide Kisserup with a Logistics Provision Report, to serve as an assessment of Kisserup’s current, and guidance for Kisserup’s future, logistics requirements, and potential alternative providers. 

The SCCG team review the requirements for the different product groups identified by Kisserup; information about the four key global fish and produce logistics providers; details on one of the main Global drinks Logistics service providers; indicative information on port-to-port shipping costs from Halifax Nova Scotia with calculations based on a weight average of a group of rates on a given route to provide generic shipping costs from port-to-port and shipping times; and data for pallet storage rates in The Netherlands and Benelux as well as associated warehousing charges. 

Using this bespoke report, Kisserup were able to review their current logistics providers and requirements, and in turn identify any changes which needed to be made. From this, Kisserup were able to make informed decisions about their logistics strategy, and their Logistics providers, whilst simultaneously evaluating their performance and overall value for money, and improve upon their Logistics strategy where necessary and convenient to do so. 

“We have had the pleasure of dealing with The Supply Chain Consulting Group on several occasions. In each and every one they met and exceeded our expectations, before, during and after our consultations. We strongly recommend The Supply Chain Consulting Group as a Service Partner and Provider.” CEO – Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc & Europe 

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