The Resource Optimiser – Recruitment Forecast Module

Forward forecasting of recruitment requirements can be determined by taking into account such factors as:

  • Trended sickness & absence levels.
  • Trended levels of attrition/leavers.
  • Warehouse performance.
  • Training curves.
  • Use / flex of part time / temp. labour.
  • Forecasted throughput volumes.

This can then be driven to give upward & downward flex capability to accommodate fluctuations in the volume of say +/- 10% within your headcount.

This Toolkit allows Operations Managers to give recruiters a forward plan of when and how many permanent recruits need to be planned for, as well as the forward requirements for temporary or agency, staff and it is updated usually on a weekly basis based on more up to date data. However, because of the process involved in recruitment, it is usually reviewed with HR once a month in order to plan future recruitment campaigns.

This section has usually been built to look 12 months ahead and takes into account seasonal trends of volume, holidays and sickness cover.

Module Summary

Specific client operational drivers are calculated and defined in the 52-week Headline Recruitment Plan

Indirect Activities are planned into the operation

Key driver scenarios are defined (Operational plan / What if’s)

Strategic Recruitment Plan is created to ensure the correct mix of full time / temporary and agency labour if forward planned to align to seasonal profiles of volume throughput:

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