RFID System Planning – Make it work for you!

Knowing that RFID Technology can assist your business, and understanding how it will do so, are different enough, let alone knowing how to actually implement a system that provides a sound return on the investment, whilst meeting your objectives.

  • The Business Drivers supporting the case for RFID systems implementation into the supply chain are numerous, but how do you relate those to your business and make them a reality?
  • The range of technologies, standards and options for RFID systems are too numerous to list, and there is a danger of over specifying the technology required.

The following factors are considered to be key when moving forward with any RFID system plan:

  • Plan your objectives and stick to them – do not let a system supplier “oversell” to you
  • Do not over specify the technology; use what is suitable to meet your objectives
  • Ensure the correct system integrator is researched thoroughly prior to engagement
  • Ensure that the systems chosen can move with technology and your business needs
  • An RFID pilot scheme is just that – it will need development

Gideon Hillman Consulting, understanding that you may have little or no RFID expertise internally, and independent of any system integrators, can provide unbiased, knowledge-based RFID project planning to help design your project plan with specific focus on:

  • RFID System Objectives & Scope
  • Resource Requirements
  • Project Stages and Timescale
  • Project Milestones
  • Integrator / Supplier Choice
  • Regular Technical Reviews

Investment into planning and consultative project management at the outset can negate over-investment and additional cost in the longer term.

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