Primeline Logistics – Customer Case Study

GH Consulting, support Primeline to pursue acquisition strategy in the UK

support to pursue an acquisition strategy in the UK

Primeline Logistics (Primeline) operates a combined 750,000 square feet of hi-bay warehousing in Ireland and the UK with a transport fleet exceeding 200 vehicles; they cater for all customer requirements, proving comprehensive supply chain solutions to companies operating in, or trading with the Island of Ireland. 

For over 25 years Primeline Logistics (based in Ireland) has created a forward-thinking team of logisticians, forwarders, marketers and supporting technical expertise, combining to bring clients an integrated supply chain solution from production line to checkout line; meeting all requirements across the supply chain.

The Primeline management team identified that growth opportunities in Ireland were limited by the size of the marketplace. In order to achieve the next phase of growth they decided to pursue an acquisition strategy in the UK of a similar type of Logistics Company to provide themselves with a strong regional presence in the Midlands.

“Based on the team’s written assessment of the growth potential and business fit, Gideon Hillman Consulting confidently chose the most suitable logistics company for Primeline Logistics” Gideon Hillman – MD Gideon Hillman Consulting.

Primeline’s preference was for a single or multi-site company based predominantly in the Midlands that provided ambient supply chain services in the FMCG sector; including bulk storage and distribution and item / case pick and order assembly for customers, and efulfilment capabilities / experience, due to its high growth potential area in the 3PL market.

Primeline required to have their warehousing and distribution operation with transport services outsourced, as opposed to the compromise  of a ‘transport operator’ owning a fleet of vehicles, or the less favored option of utilising a transport operation with secondary warehousing services.

Due to their expertise and knowledge within the Logistics Industry, Primeline logistics sourced the Specialist Warehouse and Logistics Consultants at Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) to undertake this project. Following which, the GH team firstly identified potential acquisition targets, to subsequently conduct operational and commercial service offering due diligence on a short list of 1 or 2 acquisition targets for Primeline.

To confidently select the best suited acquisition targets for Primeline, the GH Consulting team followed the subsequent steps: Identifying potential acquisition targets, formally approaching the acquisition targets, arranging and attending initial meetings with the targets, and conducting an operation and service review questionnaire for the acquisition targets.

The assessment conducted by the GH team, on behalf of sourcing a suitable acquisition target for Primeline Logistics, ensured to examine important company information, imperative to enabling the correct acquisition to be made, this included but was not limited to: revenue analysis, evaluation of top 5 customers contract status, sales pipeline and prospects, evaluation of infrastructure, and capability to meet projected growth plans and customer service commitments.

Once the GH team of Specialist Logistics and Warehouse Consultants had completed their written assessment of the growth potential and business fit of the potential acquisition target(s) with Primeline Logistics, they were able to make their final assessments from detailed analysis, using volume and sales data, questionnaire responses and meetings with the acquisition target operational management team, to confidently choose the most suitable logistics company out of the target acquisitions for Primeline Logistics.

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