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PaperlinX is one of the world’s largest suppliers of communication materials with just over 6,000 employees, operating in 26 countries.

The Group’s main focus is on distributing high impact paper used as office paper, and speciality paper used in brochures, magazines, annual reports and other business papers, and high quality industrial packaging, graphics and sign and display materials.


PaperlinX’s unique position as a worldwide paper merchant enables it to link customers and suppliers through a global network that is underpinned by the resources of a multi-national company.


The UK operations are the largest in Europe, and include well-known companies such as the Robert Horne Group, the Howard Smith Paper Group and PaperCo.  In The Netherlands, the operating companies BührmannUbbens and Proost en Brandt are industry leaders.


Paperlinx operates its Corporate head office in Melbourne, Australia, and its Global Operational head office in the UK.

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