ISO 14001 Environmental Standard

Have you thought about implementing ISO14001 standard to improve your customer perception and efficiency of your business?

Gideon Hillman Consulting is able to define and implement ISO 14001 Environmental processes to ensure you meet the requirements of the standard. The focus is on processes and customer satisfaction, rather than just procedures, making it equally applicable to service providers and manufacturers. Greater emphasis is placed on customer satisfaction, process management and measurement, continual improvement and greater management involvement.

Gideon Hillman Consulting is able to introduce processes that support and complement your existing systems, not replace them. Your current waste management systems and processes are evaluated and additional ones are written and added to satisfy the requirements of the ISO 14001 Standard.

Benefits associated with a certified ISO 14001 management system include:

  • Improved product, process and service quality
  • Increased customer satisfaction levels
  • Improved productivity, less waste
  • May provide competitive advantage

Achieving the ISO 14001 standard will not guarantee additional work or profit for your business, but it may open some doors that were previously closed. In some industry sectors, obtaining the standard is at the very least, an expectation of the industry suppliers.

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