What’s Santa’s warehouse building this year?

In line with our Christmas spirit, we’ve created an infographic on Santa’s Warehouse.

We thought to wonder, how would Santa’s warehouse work?  Feeling festive, our logistics team decided to look into Santa’s preparations for one of the busiest times of the year.

What Does Spending Mean for Santa’s Warehouse?

The UK intends to spend 70% more in total on gifts than any other European nation!

Every child on average gets 16 presents in the UK, so Santa will deliver 184 Million presents in the UK alone over Christmas.

What Size Will His Warehouse Need to Be?

If each present is 7cm x 7cm x 10cm, Santa’s warehouse will need to be over 9.7 Million square feet, assuming presents can be stacked 10 metres in height.

How Much Wrapping Paper Will He Need?

To wrap those presents, Santa would need to have 2.3 Billion square feet of wrapping paper on hand to accommodate all the UK’s Christmas presents.

The total UK Christmas Spending is set to hit £77.56 billion in 2017. Of which, £700 million is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts.


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What's Santa's warehouse building this year?

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