Second Warehouse project for Kent County Council

Kent County Council set up Commercial Services to provide goods and services for the council’s own directorates and for a range of approved public bodies.

It is a self-funding unit, tasked to deliver products and services that represent best value for money and meet local government purchasing legal requirements. It’s staff are experts in their respective fields and provide a quality service.

Gideon Hillman Consulting has been engaged by Kent Commercial Services to provide detailed warehouse design for their new warehouse facility to include:

  • Pallet Racking and Shelving bay layouts for storage of Primary and Overstock items
  • Bulk storage and picking areas for paper products  
  • Furniture storage and defined work areas for equipment cleaning and de-contamination  
  • Community equipment storage area
  • Defined work areas for Tele Health/ Tele care  
  • Goods In /Marshalling areas  
  • Despatch/Marshalling areas
  • Packing stations and defined work areas  
  • Storage areas for Salt & Sand

This is the second warehouse project Gideon Hillman Consulting will have carried out for the client in the last 12 months.

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