Raising the Standards of The Logistics Industry

Gideon Hillman at UKWA Conference 2016‘Without management and process, good plans do not get implemented. Without governance and a good audit process strategic initiatives will not work ‘ Gideon Hillman at the UKWA National Conference during the session on Raising Standards in The Logistics Industry.

The UKWA 2016 Conference was a great success with an excellent agenda and broad range of topics.

With 8% of the UK workforce employed in Logistics it is an essential part of the UK economy for both employment figures but also to keep goods and services on the move. It is also essential therefore to keep improving the standards within the sector; whether a multisite retail logistics network or a single site warehouse operation – all are equally as important to the industry as a whole.

Logistics Experts and Speaker‘We as logistics professionals need more conferences and factual debate with real industry trade bodies such as UKWA that can influence actual change through conference and trade delegations; as opposed to just attending networking and social events’. 


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