Gideon Hillman Consulting sponsor UKWA Warehouse Manager of the Year Award 2017!

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Gideon Hillman Consulting UK sponsor UKWA Warehouse Manager of the year Award 2017!

The UKWA Awards for Industry Excellence recognise the extraordinary achievement of individuals and companies operating in the Logistics industry.

Gideon Hillman Consulting are firm believers in promoting and encouraging best practice in the warehouse, whilst recognising the importance of the role of warehouse managers and their pivotal role in businesses.

The importance of the warehouse manager role has often been overlooked in businesses which is wrong as it is a key role within the supply chain and logistics sector; thus, explaining why Gideon Hillman Consulting have chosen to sponsor UKWA’s Warehouse Manager of the Year Award 2017.

In recognition of the Warehouse Manager role as a core business function, UKWA has developed a new Warehouse Manager Certificate of Professional Competence in collaboration with Logistics Learning Alliance and is offering members the chance to sign up employees for the pilot course.

Managing Director Gideon Hillman comments “We are very proud to be sponsoring this award as high quality Warehouse Managers are paramount to effective and efficient logistics operations and have an impact on the whole supply chain”.

The judges in this category are looking for excellent personal and professional qualities which are reflected in an efficient operation, optimum warehouse productivity, and a highly motivated and flexible team. The winner will demonstrate strong and hands-on management style, a keen awareness of H&S issues, and an ability to develop innovative and sustainable initiatives to deliver continuous improvements in warehouse management.

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