Supply Chain & Manufacturing – Acronyms and Glossary of Terms

4S: Arrangement, Organization, Cleanliness, Act of cleaning
5M : manpower, machine, method, material and measurement – sources of variation
5S : seiri (sort), seiton (straighten), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize) and shitsuke (sustain)
5W2H: Who, What, When, Where, Why & How and How Many (root cause analysis)
8D: Eight Discipline Problem Solving Method and Report
ABAP: Advanced Business Application Programming
ABB: Activity Based Budgeting
ABC: Activity Based Costing
ABM: Activity Based Management
ABS: Anti-lock Braking System
ADC: Automated Data Collection
ADE: Automated Data Entry
ADP: Automatic Data Processing
AFV: Alternative Fuel Vehicle
AIA: Aerospace Industries Association
AIAG: Automotive Industry Action Group
AIM: Application Integration Middleware
AMH: Automated Material Handling
ANX: Automotive Network Exchange
AOQ: Average Outgoing Quality
APEC: Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
API: Application Program Interface
APO: Advanced Planning and Optimization
APQP: Advanced Product Quality Planning
APS: Advanced Planning & Scheduling
ASN: Advanced Shipping Notice
ASP: Application Service Provider
ASRS: Automated Storage Retrieval Systems
ATE: Automated Test Equipment
ATO: Assemble To Order
ATP: Advanced Technology Program
AV: Audio Visual
AVL: Approved Vendor List
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Consumer
BAPI: Business Application Programming Interface
BB: Black Belt
BBC: Black Belt Champion (or Council)
BBS: Business Balanced Scorecard
BMP: Best Manufacturing Practices
BOM: Bill of Materials
BPR: Business Process Reengineering
BTO: Built to Order
BTS: Build To Stock
CAD: Computer-Aided Design
CAE: Computer-Aided Engineering
CAGR: Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing
CAPOSS: Capacity Planning and Operation Sequence Scheduling
CASE: Computer-Aided System Engineering
CBSA: Component Based Solution Assembly
CEMS: Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services
CFM: Continuous Flow Manufacturing
CLM: Council For Logistics Management
CM: Change Management
CMRP: Capacitated Material Requirements Planning
COA: Continuous Ordering Agreement
COGS: Cost of Goods Sold
CQA: Certified Quality Auditor
CQE: Certified Quality Engineer
CRM: Customer Relationship Management
CRP: Capacity Requirements Planning
CRP: Continuous Replenishment Program
CTQ: Critical to Quality
CTR: Cycle Time Reduction
DC: Distribution Centre
DFA: Design for Assembly
DFAA: Design for Automated Assembly
DFD: Design for Disassembly
DFE: Design For Environment
DFL: Demand Flow Leadership
DFM: Demand Flow Management
DFSC: Design for Supply Chain
DRP: Distribution Requirements Planning
DSRP: Demand Solutions Requirements Planning
DW: Data Warehousing
EC: Electronic Commerce
ECC: Error Correction Code
ECM: Engineering Change Management
EDI: Electronic Data Interchange
EDM: Electronic Data Management
EDMS: Engineering Document Management Systems
EES: Engineering Execution Systems
EFI: Electronic Freight Invoice
EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer
EFTA: European Free Trade Association
ELV: End of Life Vehicle
EMAS: Eco-Management and Audit Scheme
EMI: Electronic Magnetic Interference
EMS: Environmental Management System
ERA: Electronic Remittance Advice
ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
ESD: Electrostatic Discharge
ETO: Engineer To Order
ETP: Enterprise Transportation Planning
EU: European Union
EV: Electric Vehicle
EVA: Economic Value Added
FA: Flexible Automation
FAS: Final Assembly Schedule
FCEV: Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
FCS: Finite Capacity Scheduling
FG: Finished Goods
FGI: Finished Goods Inventory
FIFO: First In First Out
FIP: Factory Information Protocol
FIS: Factory Information System
FLC: Standard Automotive Industry Container available from Linpac Allibert
FM: Frequency Modulation
FMEA: Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
FMS: Flexible Manufacturing System
FP: Finite Planning
FPA: Focal Plane Array
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
GDP: Gross Domestic Product
GEC: Global Economic Commerce
GEM: Generic Equipment Model
GPS: Global Positioning System
HEC: Hybrid Electric Vehicle
HOV: High Occupancy Vehicle
HPPS: High Performance Product Sector
HPV: High Production Volume
HUD: Heads Up Display
I/O: Input Output
IC: Integrated Circuit
ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
IFO: Income From Operations
ILEV: Inherently Low Emission Vehicle
IMCS: Inventory Management and Control System
IP: Intellectual Property
IPPD: Integrated Product and Process Development
IPR: Intellectual Property Rights
IPT: Integrated Product Team
IQR: Inventory Quality Ratio
IR: Infrared
IRM: Integrated Resource Management
IS: Information System
ISO: International Standards Organization
IT: Information Technology
ITS: Intelligent Transportation System
JIS : Just in Sequence
JIT: Just in Time
KBE: Knowledge-Based Engineering
KLT: Standard Automotive Industry Container available from Linpac Allibert
KPI: Key Performance Indicator
Kaizen: means continuous improvement by small changes
Kanban : is the authority to move or produce a part, based on its usage
Kansei: means sense engineering
LC: Low Cost
LCC: Life Cycle Cost
LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
LCPC: Life Cycle Product Cost
LEV: Low Emission Vehicle
LIFO: Last In First Out

LSP : Logistics Service Provider

LVS: Layout Verification Systems
M&S: Modelling and Simulation
MAP: Manufacturing Automation Protocol
MBB: Master Black Belt
MCS: Manufacturing Control System
MDS: Material Dominated Scheduling
MIS: Management Information Systems
MMS: Materials Management System
MPS: Master Production Schedule
MRP: Manufacturing Resource Planning
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
MTS: Make To Stock
Muda: “Waste” in Japanese
NC: Numerical Control
NDC: National Distribution Centre
NGO: Non-Governmental Organization
NPI: New Product Introduction
NPV: Net Present Value
ODM: Original Design Manufacturer
OEE: Original Equipment Effectiveness
OEIC: Optoelectronic Integrated Circuit
OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer
OLAP: Online Analytical Programs (or Processing)
OLTP: On Line Transaction Processing
OOP: Out Of Production
OPT: Optimized Production Technology
OTC: On-Time delivery to Commit date
OTCR: On-Time delivery performance to Customer Request Date
PA: Power Amplifier
PAC: Production Activity Control
PDCA: Plan Do Check Act
PDM: Product Data Management
PERT/CPM: Program Evaluation and Review Technique/Critical Path Method
PERT: Project Evaluation and Review Technique
PGU: Power Generation Unit
PIM: Product Information Management
PIP: Partner Integration Process
PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
POM: Production/Operations Management
POOGI: Process of Ongoing Improvement
POS: Point of Sale
PP&E: Property, Plant & Equipment
PPM: Parts Per Million
PR: Process Reengineering
PWA: Printed Wiring Assembly
PWB: Printed Wiring Board
QA: Quality Assurance
QC: Quality Control
QFD: Quality Function[al] Deployment
QR: Quick Response
R&D: Research and Development
RCCP: Rough Cut Capacity Planning
RDC: Regional Distribution Centre
RDT&E: Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation
ROA: Return on Assets
ROI: Return on Investment
ROIC: Return On Invested Capital
RONA: Return On Net Assets
ROP: Reorder Point
RPI: Raw Product Inventory (components)
RPM: Rapid Response Manufacturing
RTD: Research and Technical Development
SCC: Supply Chain Council
SCM: Supply Chain Management
SCOR: Supply Chain Operations Reference model
SCR: Synchronized Customer Response
SD or STD: Standard Deviation
SIG: Special Interest Group
SIV: Signal Integrity Verification
SKU: Stock Keeping Units
SMART: Specific/Measurable/Ambitious/Realizable/Time-Phased
SMT: Surface Mount Technology
SOP: Standard Operating Procedure
SOW: Statement of Work
SPC: Statistical Process Control
SPM: Standard Process Modules
SPS: Standard Procurement System
SRM: Standard Reference Material
SWIFT: Simulated Work Input and Flow Time
SWOT: Analysis: Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats Analysis
T&M: Tools and Methodology
TACT: Total Average Cycle Time
TCE: Temperature Coefficient of Expansion
TCM: Time Critical Manufacturing
TCM: Transportation Control Measures
TDC: Total Delivered Cost
TDM: Team Data Manager

TMS : Transport Management System

TPS: Toyota Production System
TQC: Total Quality Control
TQM: Total Quality Management
TVA: Throughput Value Added
UC: Unit Cost
USL: Upper Specification Limit
VAD: Value Added Distribution
VAN: Value Added Network
VE: Value Engineering
VMI: Vendor Managed Inventory
WBS: Work Breakdown Schedule
WCM: World Class Manufacturing
WIP: Work In Process
WMS: Warehouse Management System
ZEV: Zero Emissions Vehicle

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