Gideon Hillman on Sky News Business Programme – Jeff Randall Live

Jeff Randall and Gideon HillmanIn the midst of the scandal around processed meat products having different ingredients to the ones identified on the packaging (in some cases horse meat or pork instead of beef), Tesco CEO Phillip Clarke addressed the NFU on the afternoon of 27th February 2013 making specific commitments regarding Tesco’s product sourcing policies.

Gideon Hillman was invited to appear live on what was the lead story that evening on Sky News Business Programme, ‘Jeff Randall Live’

Jeff Randall discussed with Gideon the commitments made to UK farmers by Phillip Clarke of Tesco, the impact on food supply chain and the complexities around product control in the current food processing supply chain.Sky News Food Supply Chain


Jeff Randall presents Jeff Randall Live every Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Sky News. The show takes a look at the big business stories of the day, with regular exclusive guests and hard hitting interviews. The show is a must view for anyone working in the worlds of business and finance.

Jeff is also the Daily Telegraph’s editor at large, and his column offers sharp analysis and authoritative comment on the latest business stories.

He has worked for a host of major news organisations in the UK including the BBC, the Times Newspapers and Sunday Business – which he launched and edited.

Jeff’s journalism has been recognised countless times by the industry including, winning the Harold Wincott Award for Business Broadcaster, the Best Business Broadcast Prize at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards, the Decade of Excellence Prize at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards and the London Press Club’s Business Journalist of the Year Award. 

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