Pride in Customer Satisfaction

Our Consultants have secured and started five new projects already this month!

These projects are for St. Ives Direct, OrangePharma Ltd, Grain Corp Malt, The Royal British Legion and Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions. These are in addition to having recently completed projects for AB Volvo, Gate Group, Jaguar LandRover, Technology Supplies, Kent County Council, Demco, SCH and Commotion Group. As well as the achievements above the team are also working on current on-going projects with Princes Food and Drinks Group, Marlow Foods and United Utilities.

‘I am very proud of the achievements and industry specific expertise provided to our clients by the consultant team, which they continue to deliver month after month’ says Managing Director Gideon Hillman, ‘the most critical element is the high level of customer satisfaction on every project, which I believe is the true mark of success in our business’

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