IsoBinsTM Optimise ISO Freight Containers

“Better Than Any Other Reusable Pallet Box in the Industry” claim Macro Plastics who have leveraged their expertise in manufacturing bulk plastic containers with the introduction of the IsoBin family of containers. The IsoBin was developed with advanced innovations to optimize shipping efficiencies to cost effectively move your product around the globe.

 IsoBins™Optimise ISO Freight ContainersWith a standardised international footprint, IsoBins are designed specifically for worldwide transportation to be used throughout every stage of the international shipping and storage process. Combined with greater product protection and improved empty return ratio, IsoBins are one of the most efficient international shipping containers available. IsoBin features and benefits:

  • Efficient: Utilises 97.2% of the floor space in a standard height ISO sea container and can stack 3 high.
  • Lightweight: Made with injection moulded plastic, the IsoBin is 25% lighter than the standard Folding Large Container (FLC).
  • Durable: Designed with a patented triple wall base for better forklift impact protection.
  • Maneuverable: Designed with universal reach-thru latches, advanced dunnage attachments, and removable fork straps for greater ease of use. The IsoBin also interlocks with a standard 45”x48” US footprint.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The IsoBin is a reusable and returnable container made of 100% recyclable plastic. Use of the IsoBin can help you achieve your corporate sustainability goals.
  • Optimised Return Density: Fully collapsible, the IsoBin can be returned 8 high in a trailer or ISO container.

To help improve your shipping efficiencies even further, IsoBins are available with a number of leasing options. One-way rental programs are proven to save money when compared to expendable packaging systems. As a part of our One-Way Rental program, Macro Plastics will deliver rental containers, install the equipment necessary to track them, pick-up empty containers, and clean and sanitize them for later use.

For more information regarding the IsoBin container and service options offered by Macro Plastics: please contact Gideon Hillman Consulting.

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