Hurricanes and the Supply Chain Infographic

The weather can severely affect your supply chain, whether this be Heatwaves, Snow, or even Hurricanes, the affects that it can have are huge.

The cost to repair damage caused after a hurricane can reach anywhere between £47 billion to £151 billion, meaning that businesses and supply chains alike are likely to have to pay up to get back to business as usual.

Hurricanes are more frequent that you would think, with around 15 hurricanes happening somewhere in the world every single year. These storms will affect your logistics network and how you operate within your supply chain.

As a Supply Chain Company, you may need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where does demand travel to?
  • What demands will be left unsatisfied by supply disruptions?
  • What orders should be filled with the limited supply available?
  • Are there other capacity disruptions?
  • How long will it take to recover?

These questions will allow you to prepare and plan for hurricane disruptions in a sensible, efficient way.

You can republish this infographic in your own materials. Just make sure to credit us and include a link back to this article where you can.

If you are interested in disaster-proofing your logistics operations, get in touch with our supply chain consultants today.

Supply Chain Hurricane Infographic


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