Warehouse and Logistics News Interview Gideon Hillman (Part 1)

Gideon Hillman Consulting interview 2017WLN – As a top Consultancy supplier, what have conditions been like in the past year for your business? 2016 has been outstanding for us with another 46% year on year revenue growth on the previous 12 months. The growth for us has been greatest in the Logistics Network Design and Warehousing side of the business particularly in the e-commerce, FMCG, Retail and Construction sectors; which is consistent with the developments in the UK Logistics and Warehousing sector.

Adapting to the steep increase in business has been easier for us this year as we had already experienced the same level of growth in 2015 and had therefore implemented the resource and strategic infrastructure to react quickly to new and existing client demands and the increases in the number and size of projects undertaken.

This year is yielding record results every quarter and has proven that our business strategy developed over the last 24 months which includes investment into the right people, systems and infrastructure will always pay off if implemented and managed correctly.

However, that does not diminish the effort and hard work that each individual team member has contributed to meet each challenge head on and we have successfully managed that level of business and ensured customer satisfaction.

WLN – How have recent international developments affected you and how have you responded?
Some of our clients in the UK that rely on imported goods, components and finished products are feeling the impact on the sterling exchange rate. However there has been no direct negative knock on effect to us of the dreaded ‘B’ word. Let’s face it apart from exchange rates nothing has changed yet and it may not at all, or at least not for a very long time, with the recent High Court ruling that the UK government must consult MPs before triggering Article 50 to leave the EU.

This seems to have left everyone wondering what will happen next, apart from the Bank of England which at the beginning of November announced that it expects inflation to hit 2.7% in 2017 and increased its prediction for economic growth from 0.8% to 1.4% for 2017, but cutting the 2018 forecast from 1.8% to 1.5%.

We have noticed an increase in international enquires and have successfully secured more overseas business. This may or may not be a direct correlation with the international developments and exchange rates – we don’t really know; however, I would guess it is more about our increased brand awareness as we continue to grow.

We can respond to our client’s requirements as they themselves are affected by international developments; as with any economic change impacting a business there are usually new challenges for logistics networks and supply chain operations that need addressing.

WLN – What are your flagship products and services?
We are widely recognised as one of (if not the) leading Logistics and Distribution Network Design and Warehouse / Distribution Centre design specialist consultancies in the UK, having been finalists for seven industry awards in the last few years (two of which in 2016) and the 2016 Winner of The UKWA Technical Innovation Award.

Our standing in the market is verified and validated by the numerous customer testimonials that we have and that can be seen on our website and the major brand names within our client portfolio.

WLN – What makes you the ‘go to’ supplier in your category?
We are known for our ‘hands-on’ approach and ability to provide strategic solutions through an analytical and practical process, with a strong bias towards resource optimisation and manageable implementation.

Through an operational focused approach, we provide practical and implementable solutions with the lowest investment options considered first. For example, if someone needs a warehouse improved, we don’t consider full or part automation until we first ensure that the manual operation is optimised. Once that cannot be improved any further, we then consider whether alternatives such as automation will make any improvement and provide an acceptable return on investment for the client.

The analysis and solutions specific to client requirements are presented with clear and concise rationale and where appropriate costed and tested.

WLN – How do you help customers improve their business performance?
We can quickly identify the reasons a sub-optimised complete logistics network or single warehouse. Once the reasons have been identified then we develop the optimal solution and support the client with implementation on the basis that the client takes ownership for the ongoing strategy.

This is a critical part of clients improving business performance. We can provide them with the strategy and the tools and they must embrace the changes as after all it is their business.

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