GH updates privacy policy

Commencing Friday 25th May 2018, new rules and regulations are coming into force, which stipulate greater restrictions surrounding the corporate collection and storage of personal data for marketing and promotional purposes.

In time for the compliance deadline at the end of this week, and more importantly to protect your personal data Gideon Hillman Consulting have updated their privacy policy to reflect the new GDPR regulations.

Please email Marketing Executive Natasha Raymond: to specifically understand and update the following:

  • To remove your details from our marketing lists.
  • To receive a copy of the personal data we hold for you on our database. 
  • To amend the personal data we hold about you on our database.
  • To remove your details from our database entirely.

Keeping contact records ‘clean’ is vital for us, and conducive to maintaining good working relationships with our clients and industry contacts alike. Please note, we endeavour to treat all data we hold, with sincere care and respect, and ensure to never share any of your contact information with anyone outside of our organisation.

Thank you for taking the time to review our changes and we look forward to working with you in the future.

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