The new Craemer TC ‘Totally Closed’ plastic pallet is designed to meet the highest hygiene demands of the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, achieving durability and impact resistance due primarily to its material content and unique structural design.

Manufactured from a high quality HDPE virgin grade light blue material, with a “honeycomb” shaped internal construction, this design provides for the optimum rigidity and strength resulting in a long service life claim the team at Craemer.

The unique patented welding process sealing the lower deck and rim areas prevents ingress of contaminants such as liquid and bacteria into the pallet structure. The flat, smooth outer surfaces can be easily cleaned manually or by pallet wash machine.

Offering high racking and dynamic load capacities (Static 7500; Dynamic 1500; High Bay Rack 1250Kg), the standard 1200 x 1000mm TC pallet is available with 3 or 5 runners that are chamfered on all approach edges for easy access and removal of hand and electric pallet truck forks. They also feature a 7mm upper deck rim, with the option to customise to include a 22mm rim.

Craemer are so confident that the unique construction of the TC pallet will overcome many reservations experienced with existing conventional closed pallets that they are prepared to supply sample pallets for demonstration and evaluation handling the customers own products. 

Full details of the new TC ‘Totally Closed’ plastic pallet range are available at the website

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