10 of the World’s Biggest and Most Amazing Ships

Here we have a fun blog post for you featuring nice and large photographs of some of the biggest and most amazing ships from around the World. We have included different types of ship including oil tankers, container ships, semi-submersible ships, passenger ships, a pipelay vessel and a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

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1. Pierre Guillaumat

Pierre Guillaumat
Image Source
Above: This supertanker was built by Chantiers de l’Atlantique in 1977 in France and is the 2nd biggest ship ever constructed. The ship is 414.2 metres long and it weighs 555,051 tonnes.

2. Seawise Giant

Seawise Giant
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Above: This oil tanker was built in 1979 is the longest and heaviest ship in the World. This amazing ship is 458.45 metres long and weighs a whopping 564,763 tonnes.

3. Emma Maersk

Emma Maersk
Image Source
Above: When it was launched in 2006 the ship was the largest container ship in the World and is capable of carrying around 11,000 containers. The ship is 397 metres long and weighs 156,907 tonnes.

4. Barzan

Image Source
Above: Barzan is an ultra large container ship and among the largest container ships in the world (as of July 2015). The ship is 400 metres long and weighs 199,714 tonnes.

5. Fjord Heavy Transport Vessel

Fjord Heavy Transport Vessel
Image Source
Above: This semi-submersible is ship is capable of loading, transporting and off-loading extremely heavy equipment. The ship is 159.24 metres long and weighs 24,500 tonnes.

6. MV Blue Marlin

MV Blue Marlin
Image Source
Above: A semi-submersible heavy lift ship from Dockwise Shipping of the Netherlands, designed to transport very large drilling rigs. The ship is 217 metres long and weighs 76,061 tonnes.

7. MS Allure of the Seas

MS Allure of the Seas
Image Source
Above: Launched in 2009 she is the world’s largest passenger cruise ship and is capable of carrying up to 6,296 passengers. The ship is 362 metres long and weighs 225,282 tonnes.

8. RMS Queen Mary 2

RMS Queen Mary 2
Image Source
Above: A transatlantic ocean liner that was launched in 2003 and christened by Queen Elizabeth. The ship is capable of carrying 2,620 passengers, is 345 metres long and weighs 148,528 tonnes.

9. Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering Spirit
Image Source
Above: The world’s largest platform installation/decommissioning and pipelay vessel built for the Allseas company. The Pioneering Spirit is 382 metres long and weighs 403,342 tonnes.

10. USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise
Image Source
Above: An inactive United States Navy aircraft carrier and the longest naval vessel in the world, a record which still stands. The ship is 342 metres long and is capable of carrying up to 90 aircraft.

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