GH has a ‘Perfect Round’ with Acushnet


WMS Opertaional Requirement Specification

Acushnet is the leading manufacturer and marketer of golf equipment and accessories including their leading product brands; Titleist, Pinnacle and FootJoy, sold to on-course golf pro shops and selected golf specialty and sporting goods retailers worldwide.

WMS Operational Requirement Specification, and logistics service reviewAcushnet have two European warehouse and distribution centres based in St Ives in the UK and Helmond in The Netherlands. The Acushnet operations and warehouse management team recognised the need for a fully functioning WMS system with full barcode reading capabilities, to improve the speed and efficiency of goods receipt, put-away, replenishment and picking procedures.
“We were very impressed with the expertise of the consultant from Gideon Hillman Consulting. He preformed a thorough and detailed study at both distribution centres and worked well with all members of our warehouse teams”.
Senior Manager Operations and Distribution, Acushnet Europe
WMS Operational Requirement Specification, and logistics service reviewAcushnet chose to work with Gideon Hillman Consulting (GH) to develop the WMS Operational Requirement Specification (prior to approaching any specific WMS software suppliers) to ensure that they identified a suitable WMS system that meets the needs of both of the European warehouse operations for at least the three year planning horizon, to reflect planned changes in procedures and volume throughputs.


The scope of the project for the consultants at GH included a review of all current and proposed processes from goods receipt and putaway, through finishing/processing to order despatch; service and delivery commitments against stock profiles; Materials Handing Equipment requirements and warehouse layouts for picking, packing and despatch operations.

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